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Released on Arve Music March 22nd 2018:

– a synthesis of wood, metal and electronics
This record is a result of a collaboration that toured in Norway in 2012. Recorded in Rainbow Studio in Oslo. The constellation performed music in the mix of traditional folk, jazz and contemporary music. The first record with this band, The Nature of Connections, was released on Rune Grammofon in 2014 and presented only the acoustic orchestration.

The music on this release contains sounds and ornaments from traditional Norwegian folk music, contemporary music, improvisation and field recorded sounds. This time the focus has been the combination of electronic sounds and the acoustic palette and how to merge this into a unique orchestration.

Presented and performed by excellent musicians.
Svante Henryson cello
Audun Kleive drums
Mats Eilertsen double bass
Gjermund Larsen violin and hardanger fiddle
Nils Økland violin, hardanger fiddle and viola d´amore
Arve Henriksen trumpets, saxophone, piano,
sounds and electronics
Anna Maria Friman additional hardanger fiddle track 11

Digital release available on:



Released December 2017:

New album with poetry by Kjartan Hatløy was released on the 8th of December. Digital release (only) presenting poetry from "Kjøkkendikt” Kitchen Poetry (Oktober 2012) "NOKO DRIV PÅ” ("something is going on”) is the title of this second release presenting Hatløy´s unique universe of poetry in collaboration with the music by Henriksen.

Released 5th of May in Norway
2nd of June WW:
Arve Henriksen is a major representative of a golden generation of Norwegian jazz musicians. This is his ninth solo album (eight on Rune Grammfon and one on ECM), he has also released a dozen albums as a founder member of Supersilent and appears on well over a hundred records by artists like David Sylvian, Jon Balke, Trygve Seim, Imogen Heap, Arild Andersen and many more. With "Towards Language" trumpeter Arve Henriksen is back with his trusted long time musical partners Jan Bang and Erik Honoré. Arve first collaborated with the pair on the much loved and highly praised "Chiaroscuro" (2004), Arve´s second album, and later on "Cartography" (ECM 2008) and "Places Of Worship" (2013). Also an important part of the line-up is Eivind Aarset, the ECM associated guitarist extraordinaire.

Released: 05.05.17

The white vinyl edition comes in a quantity of only 100.

It´s about time that one of the absolute classics in our catalogue is finally available as a separate vinyl edition (it can also be found in the Solidification box set). Originally released in 2004, "Chiaroscuro" was Arve´s second solo album, it was hailed by critics everywhere and remains one of our most popular releases. Here are some quotes from back then:

If music is measured solely on its spiritual impact, then ”Chiaroscuro” is clearly a strong contender for album of the year. Allaboutjazz (US)

A profound and singularly moving statement. BBC Online (UK)

Certainly, this beautiful CD is the first recording to make me cry in a very long time.
The Wire (UK)

It's an extraordinary record now squatting my cd machine like a gentle dogkicker. Beautiful. Straight No Chaser (UK)

One of the most telling and significant records in new Norwegian music in a long time. Dagsavisen (NO)

I haven´t heard music this beautiful in a long time. A complete, organic, focused expression from beginning to end. 6/6. VG (NO)

Released 05.05.17

new releases :
Over several summers Trio Mediaeval and trumpeter Arve Henriksen spent many days together by the beautiful Dalsfjorden on the Norwegian west coast, and it was there that most of the music for this recording was born. Fascinated and inspired by Icelandic sagas, beautiful chants, folk songs, religious hymns and fiddle tunes, the quartet has arranged a unique set of songs where improvisation, mediaeval and traditional music from Iceland, Norway and Sweden meet the present. Henriksen has often performed with Trio Mediaeval in live settings – and the singers and trumpeter appear on Sinikka Langeland’s recent record The Magical Forest – but Rímur is their first extensive collaboration on disc. It was recorded in February 2016 at Munich’s Himmelfahrtskirche, and produced by Manfred Eicher.
Eg gjekk ned til denne fjorden

Kjartan Hatløy tekstlesing, reading his own poetry
Arve Henriksen trompet, stemme / voice elektronikk / electronics
Erlend Apneseth hardingfele / Hardanger fiddle
Anna Maria Friman stemme / voice
  • First audio release of this fantastic norwegian poet
  • First time collaboration between the two artists
  • New composed music for this setting
  • Featuring Anna Maria Friman (voice) and Erlend Apneseth (hardanger fiddle)
  • First release on Arve Music
Now available digital download:  Download here 


Coming releases 2018

"Towards Language - Live at Punkt" on Arve Music
Photo book and cd on Ultra Lux/Arve Music
"The Height of the Reeds with Bang/Aarset/French on Rune Grammofon
"Supersilent 14" on Smalltown Supersound

Other recent releases:
March 2018:
"Composograph" to be released on Arve Music on the 22nd
January 2018:
Release concerts in Bergen Gabriel Fliflet "Sevje"
(CD released November 2017)
February 2018:
"Pilgrim" - Janne Mark cd on Act

December 2017:
Duo album with Kjartan Hatløy

October 2017:
Duo album with Terje Isungset
"The Art of Irrigation" All Ice Records 
May-June 2017:
2nd of June 2017  
Solo album Towards Language 
LP, CD and digital.
Additional release:
" Chiaroscuro " on vinyl
Lars Danielsson " Libretto III "
soon to be released on Act
Album with Chris Mapp´s Gonimoblast
Release on ESB records
Ellen Bødtker  " Jeg Ser "
Released on Arve Music 21st of November 2016: 
Collaboration with poet Kjartan Hatløy 
Photos by Oddleiv Apneseth
Released on Smalltown Supersound 
on the 30th of September 2016:  
Supersilent 13
Released on ECM on the 2nd of September 2016: 
Released in September 2016
Phil Clemo Dream Maps

Released on ECM in August 2016:  
Sinikka Langeland The Magical Forest
Released on Mengi Records 
on the 5th of June 2016:
Trio collaboration " Saumur " 
with Hilmar Jensson and Skuli Sverrisson

Released on Rat Records 15th of May 2016: 
"Lomahongva" Warped Dreamer
Released on Losen Records Nov 2015:
Ellen Bødtker: "Sommeren der ute"
with Ellen Bødtker, Jan Erik Vold and Eirik Raude

Terje Isungset "Meditations"

New Release on Isungset´s All Ice Records. 


World of Glass is a recording where all instruments are made out of glass. 15 glass artists worked on creating instruments for two years and the result is a completely new world of sounds, art & music - melted together in one expression. And there are some delightfully unexpected glass sounds featured on this recording...

Arve Henriksen: glass horns / Terje Isungset: glass percussion.

Available on itunes and Spotify from the 22nd of October 2014
Release Concert in Umeå on the 24th of October