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13.12.13 08:48

Sorrow and its Opposite
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Arve Henriksen & Per Jørgensen - NYI (live, Til Radka, 2009)
Composed by Jon Balke. From the concert "Til Radka" (tribute concert to Radka Toneff), August 10, 2009, at the Opera House during Oslo Jazz Festival, Norway. Arve Henriksen, trumpet, Per Jørgensen, trumpet, Arild Andersen, double bass, Steve Dobrogosz, piano, Jon Eberson, guitar, Jon Christensen, drums, and Alex Riel, drums. The composition is in a suite, preceded by "Hyperborean" by Arild Andersen, which is also posted here.

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21.09.11 13:50

This video-film interprets the breathing of the stream-engine of the Norwegian boat Skibladner which is the world's oldest streamboat still in use (150 years old in 2006).

Interpretation with the videocamera and microphones: Inger Christine Åstad

Music: Arve Henriksen "Chiaro" from the alubm "Chiaroscuro" on Rune Grammofon
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06.07.10 13:46